She burns with the warmth of Fire

To accept who we are - we need to know ourselves. Self recognition is rewarding as well as sometimes our greatest resistance.

We feel this as we are the elements - EARTH - preferring to take care of people, out of the limelight,skirting around the outskirts, just to be there,seeing excellence everywhere but ourselves. Are we creative like WATER and solidarity reflectivness that enables our creativity to be explored. Logical like METAL that everything is done with precision, energetic and driven like WOOD to deliver and as enthusiastic as FIRE.

To possess our own purpose and yet we also yearn to shed the isolation we feel within the envelope in our skin. We desire UNION. We long to feel connected with each other.

Like the woods, that harbour wild creatures,creek beds and fertile pastures that rest upon a mind of earth that spreads into a vast range of mountains and plains - we want to feel a part of a community that spills into and becomes part of a larger universe.

We want to be able to embrace and be embraced - we want to live the life of our bodies and our bodies to permit us to us to fully live our lives .

Between Heaven and Earth - by Harriet Beinfiled

Julie Cardillo