Someone is sitting in the shade today, because someone planted a tree a long time ago ....

As without , so within, the universe and its components are around us and within us, all a natural cycle of nourishment and regulation. All form is elemental.

Fire - Earth - Metal - Wood - Water

So Spring is here, time of birth , new beginnings, the energy is expansive , a time when we wake up from the slumber of winter , everything is starting to come back to life there is growth and renewal.

Spring is associated to the WOOD element and the meridians of the LiVER and GALL BLADDER

Spring time as plants bloom and new life returns the theme of resurrection is ever present , as Ostara and the Spring Equinox arrives and blesses the fertility of our lands and mother earth. We awaken the maiden of spring.

Our internal dialogue telling us to get out there and get going !

Spring clean this , get out into the garden ,clean the windows, do this , do that …..

The wood element governs the intuitive and emotional body. Its an integral part of our body to plan and make desisions.

If your liver (qi) is not flowing smoothly and there is an imbalance , springtime can aggravate the liver which leads to headaches and stiff necks particularly from windy days. This quick jump into spring may induce changes as hay fever, feeling sleepy in the day time and increase in sexual drive, it can bring on the extremes.

When the body tends to go through this time, when rising energy levels need to be channeled. An inability to release these extremes during this time may cause the imbalances in the body.

The emotions that may arise when the wood element is out of balance are : ANGER, CONTROLLING, IRRITABILITY , HOT HEADED….. you do remember the saying “they have shit on the liver ! “ when someone was real cranky , well maybe only my granddad use to say that … :)

When in balance they are KIND, GENEROUS,OPEN MINDED

Green is the influential colour of the Wood element from a TCM perspective these foods may help to move the liver energy :

fresh green vegetables, basil, fennel, spinach, asparagus, mint, lemon, lime

Also get outside , go for a hike, qigong, stretching , yoga, the wood element likes lots of stretching and twisting!

Zen Thai Shiatsu bodywork - yes the wood element loves bodywork …. book it in , make space for it. arrhhhhh imagine those nice gentle stretches on that tight rigid body, how free are you going to feel after ?

You can start that new project , after you are nice and relaxed and feeling more in balance .

Similar to a tree , the wood element can be strong and unyielding like an old lilli pilli tree, or rooted and flexible like the reeds of bamboo, depending on what we are going through in life both are needed .

So the Essential Oils and Blends - I use to assist me with the WOOD ELEMENT are :

Pink Pepper



Cedar wood

Also be mindful of re-active behaviour , Relinquish the need to control/embrace flexibility and change , Initiate a creative outlet , have some bodywork (oh yes I keep banging on about it!)

Julie CardilloJulie Cardillo