Having been ill with a respiratory infection for more than six weeks, I was exhausted and drained; physically and mentally. Julie, like an angel sent, told me about her treatments and offered to help.In just one session, the muscles in my ribs and back finally got a chance to relax and begin to heal. The session was far more than just a massage, it was an energy release that I felt instantly.Julie’s healing hands began the turnaround in my health.I highly recommend her talents and skills to anyone who needs to stop and love themselves no matter the condition. We all need more love and she has a very special way of sharing that love
— Cindy

Jules is an amazing practitioner. Her approach to Zenthai Shiatsu Bodywork is warm, kind and intuitive. She has an innate sense of what your body and soul needs, and moves with strength, flow and connected energy. I am looking forward to adding her services to my self-care ritual
— Zoe

An amazing, talented woman with an inner knowing of how to relax, nurture and energise my body and soul. Utterly sublime
— Sam

Jules has an amazing intuitive, holistic healing approach. She radiates kindness, warmth, calmness, gentleness and compassion. My husband and I have now enjoyed a couple of bodywork sessions each with Jules (and we look forward to enjoying more!), and upon meeting her were both immediately at ease. Through Jules’ beautiful, nurturing and attentive energy we have experienced wonderful release, both physically and mentally. We cannot thank Jules enough for her passion and for her experienced, healing touch. We feel blessed to have been introduced to Zen Thai Shiatsu with Jules and we highly recommend her unique healing energy!
— Rebecca & Anthony

I received a massage from Jules and it was amazing. I didn’t know what to expect but completely relaxed and allowed it to flow and be exactly what I needed. It was so supportive and relaxing. While loosening up any blocks and knots that were present before. I also noticed that emotionally there were big shifts.
I was unlike anything I’d ever had before but I will definitely be back for more, Jules is very passionate about what she does and intuitively knows and is guided to what you need.

I strongly recommend you will enjoy this experience.
— Carla

Feel like a new woman thanks to Julie Cardillo for my Zen Thai Shiatsu Massage. If you feel like experiencing an all encompassing healing modality, relaxing and remedial massage then take the time out you deserve and book her in!! Muscles & Joint Pain Relieved, Sanity Restored - sorted!
— Sallie

What an amazing experience! Very different from what I’m used to, no massage table!
Zen Thai Rocks and Jules Rules ☆

Feeling energized yet relaxed after my treatment.
— Joanne

Zen Thai & Julie Cardillo
Wow! After 30 + years of chiropractic physio’s and massage with mixed results.
I highly recommend Zen Thai & Jules Om, the Gentle but controlled movement massage gave me immediate relaxation, pain relief and the Feel of energy more than any other treatment I’ve had .
My body movement has improved immensely.
Thanks Julie Cardillo
— David