The Sister Circles

5 x Weekly circles • 120 MINUTES • DAY, EVENING or ONLINE

Join us as sisters, in circle.  When we have millions of circles in the world, we will shift from a patriarchal society to one that is based on equality.  When women gather in circle, we transform ourselves and each other. When we transform ourselves – when we wake up to our feminine power – we bring a new consciousness to our families and our communities. When our families and communities become more conscious, we change society, we are changing our behaviours and our old thought processes and patterns.

It brings a collective healing on the planet , however it plays out - is it our dharma, purpose , our WHY ?

The answers are always there….sometimes we have to go within, and from that - share from that place where you are held in support and encouragement .

So the The Sister Circles are here for just that .

Book below for our Day, Evening or Online Circles.


You, my dear sister, also feel this deep truth in your bones … which is why you are here. You feel the immeasurable power of the divine feminine rising as women gather in collaboration and co-creation.

It is a new paradigm of leadership – one of equality, transparency, and love.

Circle is equality - with you, me - US - COMMUNITY …

Circle is “a sacred, safe space for a group of people (more than 2) to gather for transformation, healing support and community.

Circle can be a retreat, a workshop, a group program, a gathering of sisters, a gathering of family, a gathering of friends.

The world is aching for circle … for the connection, depth and authenticity it provides.

It’s about creating more connection, more collaboration and co-creation .

When we learn how to live together in harmony with one another and the earth there is a interconnectedness between us all.

We are all ONE

The Sister Circles attract all sorts of women at many different stages of life…

The Circles often appeal to women who are wanting to connect to their own inner wisdom, who are looking for change in their lives, who are seeking empowerment and women who are ready to take personal responsibility for their healing.

Some women are drawn to Sister Circles for the personal growth that happens over the course of the 5 week journey . Others are called to this work as they are processing or navigating some aspect of their life and are seeking support and wish to offer support in return to other women.

Sometimes they don’t have this kind of space in their lives where they can share as deeply and openly and be heard with love and compassion and be understood.


If you are feeling isolated ,and are unable to attend an in- person circle , then we have an option more accessible for you to join our on-line Sister Circle ,it is a beautiful way for you to experience the magic of connection.

The Sister Circles will be held to celebrate our global collective as women. No matter what area of the globe you live in, you can reach out and into the support of our on-line community .

Everything that is shared in circle is completely confidential .

These on-line circles are via Zoom and a link will be sent you once you have registered and paid .

A Welcoming email will be sent with all the details once this is done.

Our sister circles run in 5 week blocks , we meet at the same time and place each week for a 2 hour circle. 

What happen in a sister circle ? Click on the link below for more information.


Further information will be sent via email before the circle commerce

(If this sounds like something you would like to be part off , but the dates don't work for you please join the mailing list so I can let you know when the next one starts.




I was completely blown-away with how truly memorable and moving the experience of Julies’ Circle has been; the opportunity to meet in such a genuine gathering of wisdom, laughter, advice and support has been truly uplifting and deeply nourishing. So much gratitude to Julie for making this space available and for creating such a needed way for sisters to connect. A very big Thankyou!
— Samantha
Sister circles with Jules was truly an incredible experience for myself. At a time when I didn’t want to share my hurt, I was able to an it helped me shift my energy and be able to work through the tough time I was experiencing. I felt safe, unjudged and loved with Jules and a handful of girls I’d not met before in my life. By listening to their stories I was able to connect and relate and it made me feel ok to be able to talk about what I was going through.
I’m really glad I stepped out of my comfort zone and made the time to attend the sister circles run by gorgeous Jules as it really did have such a positive impact on where I was at in my life
— Sarah
Jules facilitation of sister circles provides a nurturing sacred space for a
deep journey into one self. The circles offers the opportunity to feel safe,
to connect with likeminded souls, to embrace the opening of the heart and to
speak ones truth for healing. It was a profound experience to be part of and
to observe the heart opening and healing for those committing to the weekly
circle. In sincere gratitude for your unconditional love and service to all
— Lisa
Thanks so much Jules. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and being able to share it with a group of such amazing, brave and inspiring women.
I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I just tried to be open and go with the process and I’m so glad I did as I got so much out of it.

My life has certainly changed in wonderful (and big!) ways since the start of the sister circles, some would say that’s a coincidence, but I absolutely believe it wasn’t.
— Tracey