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Local & International Retreats

Jules has facilitated and co-hosted a number of local and international retreats where she has shared knowledge and held space for people to feel supported, step into their strength and connect with their inner wisdom so they can change the rhythm of their vibration which creates profound positive change that ripples out into all areas of their lives.

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Mirror of the Soul® Retreat

14 - 19 September 2023

Join me at the Mirror of the Soul® Retreat from 14-19 September 2023 as I facilitate daily Zen-Thai Flow Yoga sessions and share wisdom to support you in finding your rhythm and flow again with my co-host Leanne, The Barefoot Medium®.

This will be an incredibly powerful week designed to take you on a journey to consciously manifest change in your life by taking time to stop-transform-reconnect-align with your inner being, the Divine and your dreams and desires in life.

This retreat is for you if you are ready to take time out from your everyday life to focus on an area of your life (whether home, love, relationships, family, business, finances, health and well-being, spiritual path) where you would like to experience a shift, transformation and change as well as spend time reconnecting with the essence of who you are and your Divine worthiness so you can manifest what you desire.

This will be a unique boutique experience filled with insights and wisdom, expert teachings and coaching in small group sessions with group activities and time out for personal discovery and reflection weaved throughout the week.

Click below for further details and to reserve your space in the Mirror of the Soul® Retreat in September 2023!

Details & Bookings
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