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Zen Thai Shiatsu Bodywork

Zen Thai Shiatsu Bodywork sessions combine the healing power of touch using gentle holistic massage techniques together with etheric based energy work to help you release blocks, restrictions or dis-ease you may be experiencing in your physical body, shift energy around love and relationships or problems with business and finances so you can move forward in your life.

In these sessions, I create a space for you to connect with your own innate healing abilities and will be intuitively guided to work with different modalities, tools and techniques, whether Zen Thai Shiatsu, body talk, EFT tapping, cupping, ayurvedic healing or working with the five elements, yin and yang energy or the violet flame, to support you to come back into balance, nurture and connect with self, partner, family, friends and clients so you can transform your relationships, business and life in general.

Each session is unique and guided by working closely with the Traditional Chinese medicine, the 5 elements methods. Ayurvedic principals as well as intuitively so you find the rhythm of your vibration again.

Revitalise & Renew (Initial Consultation) - 90 Minutes $180

Release & Restore (Existing Client) Consultation - 60 Minutes $150

Note: Jules is also available for one off or regular mini or full Zen-Thai sessions in your workplace or at your next event/retreat to help your team or clients to unwind, de-stress and revitalise their energy. Contact Jules to discuss your needs and for further details.

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