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Workshops & Events

There are times in our lives that you are at a crossroads, or unexpected things happen, you come across challenges, obstacles, you may feel disconnected, overwhelmed, angry, lost, you may be doubting yourself, these Change the Rhythm of your Vibration workshops and events provide a space for you to come together with like-minded people to connect, express, transform and align with yourself.

I understand that life gets busy, so I have created these workshops and events to provide you with a time and the space to receive, connect with the magic within, embrace your own inner wisdom and creativity as well as stay focused and move forward with strength and wisdom as you navigate life with more ease, grace and joy.

When we gather in these spaces, you will be invited to connect with yourself deeply and openly, to share what challenges or experiences you may be processing or navigating so you can feel seen, heard, understood and loved so you transform yourselves and others.

If there are some aspects of your life that you are finding challenging, would like support and are ready to change your vibration and align with the essence of who are, then these workshops and events are the space for you.

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