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Change the Rhythm of your Vibration

Hey my name is Julie, and I am Zen Thai Shiatsu Therapist, Transformational Facilitator and Intuitive Mentor who is passionate about the healing power of touch and working with people who are ready to shift their energy, release blocks and move forward in their lives.  Whether you are experiencing blocks or dis-ease in your physical body, challenges around love and relationships or problems with business and finances, I help you become conscious of the fears, doubts, beliefs and emotional patterns that are keeping you stuck, confused about your direction and holding you back from the magic within and your true essence.  I know how frustrating it can be when you feel stuck, blocked, out of alignment and lack the clarity about how to move forward with confidence and joy to create the life you desire.  In my work, I create a space for you to connect with your own innate healing abilities and will be intuitively guided to work with different modalities, tools and techniques, whether Zen Thai Shiatsu, body talk, EFT tapping, ayurvedic healing or working with the five elements, yin and yang energy or the violet flame, I support you to come back into balance, nurture and connect with self, partner, family, friends and clients so you can transform your relationships, business and life in general.

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Zen Thai Shiatsu Sessions

A rhythmic fluid form of bodywork and holistic massage therapy, combining acupressure points, gentle thai massage, joint mobility, helping you in releasing restricted areas you have in your body.

This holistic massage therapy has aspects of structural , somatic and etheric based energy work

Relax & revitalise your wellbeing.

Each session is unique and guided by working closely with the TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) 5 elements methods and Ayurvedic principals.

Session may include cupping and moxibustion , Ayurvedic oils, Essential oils and herbal balms and ointments.



This is for everyone (women/men) who are wanting to connect to their own inner wisdom, who are looking for change in their lives, who are seeking empowerment and who are ready to take personal responsibility for their own healing.

If you are processing or navigating some aspect of your life and are seeking support and wish to offer support in return to others, then this is your space.

Sometimes we don’t have this kind of space in our lives where you can share as deeply and openly and be heard with love.

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Julie is a passionate and playful woman who loves to support people to transform, grow and shift the rhythm of their vibration and hosts, facilitates and teachings into various events and retreats on the Sunshine Coast, Far North Queensland, Australia and Internationally. Whether Zen Thai Shiatsu bodywork training, Circle work or Retreats for you, your clients or team, contact Julie for details and discuss your needs.

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Podcast Episodes

Check out my Podcast episodes with Leanne, The Barefoot Medium on Barefoot with Spirit Podcast show:

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Happy Clients

“Having been ill with a respiratory infection for more than six weeks, I was exhausted and drained; physically and mentally. Julie, like an angel sent, told me about her treatments and offered to help.In just one session, the muscles in my ribs and back finally got a chance to relax and begin to heal. The session was far more than just a massage, it was an energy release that I felt instantly. Julie’s healing hands began the turnaround in my health. I highly recommend her talents and skills to anyone who needs to stop and love themselves no matter the condition. We all need more love and she has a very special way of sharing that love. ”


“An amazing, talented woman with an inner knowing of how to relax, nurture and energise my body and soul. Utterly sublime. ”


“Jules is an amazing practitioner. Her approach to Zenthai Shiatsu Bodywork is warm, kind and intuitive. She has an innate sense of what your body and soul needs, and moves with strength, flow and connected energy. I am looking forward to adding her services to my self-care ritual”


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