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Natural Balance - Feminine and Masculine

We are all made of energy, masculine and feminine energies.

Both masculine and feminine energies have an unhealthy, wounded aspect and a healthy, divine aspect.

When we shine light on these aspects of ourselves, when we become aware of what is unhealthy/wounded, we can heal and transform this into healthy and divine energy.

When we become aware of our unhealthy patterns, behaviours, stories of our wounded self, we can stop recreating the same patterns, stop projecting them out onto others and heal our relationships.

Our inner world and outer world is craving for more balance.

We ALL have both masculine and feminine energies regardless of your gender. Our world has been heavily exposed to wounded masculine/feminine energy. This toxic energy has created a vibrational disconnect from the sacred feminine and masculine energies.

In order for us to heal wounded feminine energy we have to connect with our sacred masculine energy. Our presence, grounded, clear communication, committed , vulnerable, honest, and loving aspects of ourselves. In order for us to heal wounded masculine energy we actually have to connect with our sacred feminine energy. Our feelings, emotions, intuitive, receptive, vulnerable, healing, nurturing and deep integrity aspects of ourselves. By doing this we activate deep healing within ourselves and others because we begin to release and transform stored trauma within our system. As we practice feeling into the discomfort of ourselves, we transcend the denser frequencies of shame, guilt and fear. Trauma and the stories, patterns and behaviours we hold on to, keep us energetically blocked from connecting with to divinity within us. We are all divine beings. The more we restore and harmonise our natural energies within us, the more we free ourselves from this suffering.


Shame, Feels Unworthy, Seeking Validation, Fears of Abandonment, Manipulation, People Pleasing, Co-Dependancy, Critical, Weak Boundaries, Drowning in emotions, Over Explaining, Needy, Conforming


Controlling, Domineering, Closed Off, Ego Driven, Not Present, Aggressive, Dismissive, Manipulation, Lack of Trust, Re-active, Demanding, Critical, Intimidating/Bulling, Withdrawn, Avoidance, Destructive, Always chasing money, sexual desires or the next high (Addictions), Irrational


Expressive, Intuitive, Compassionate, Free Flowing, Radiant, Trusts, Open, Softens & Explores, Vulnerable, Rests, Playful, Empathic, Authentic, Magnetic, Connected, Deep Integrity, Healthy Boundaries


Present, Aware, Structured, Clear Purpose, Clear Communication, Deep Integrity, Grounded, Honest, Accountable, Compassionate, Focused, Non-Judgemental, Committed, Stable, Sets Boundaries, Secure, Pursuer, Self Reliant, Logical , Loyal, Supportive


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