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Fear and the Void

Fear is one of the "Seven Emotions" in Chinese medicine. It is associated with the water element and the Kidney and Bladder organ system. When we fear, Qi (energy) descends down the body, which correlates to that sinking feeling you feel if you've ever been really scared. If you think of the action the body takes when it feels fear, survival mode kicks in and the body curls inwards to protect our vital organs. In extreme cases of fear, one can have a tendency to pee their pants (think of children!).

The overwhelming sense of fear in the world has impacted people in the last few years greatly. Fear is normal and adaptive but if it becomes chronic then an imbalance begins and one may feel emotions like no willpower, insecurity, aloofness, paranoia, and isolation.

The FEAR exists because we have been taught that our intuitive nature is not trustworthy. That we are not trustworthy.

We do not trust ourselves, therefore how can we trust others.

Trusting another women with your story, exposing your vulnerability.

What? these are all acts of rebellion and defiance

Why ? Because we have been told over and over again, in a million different ways that we are unworthy, that we are undeserving and that we have no value.

One of our greatest powers is patience

A reconnection with self and a remembering of yourself, takes time, dedication and lifelong commitment.

That’s were the healing starts, building a relationship of total love, appreciation and trust with yourself, your body, your mind

Be gentle, we are all in this together

You only meet a person as deeply as they’ve met themselves

You avoid the work, because why?

You have to let go of the old version of yourself, a false version that you’ve unknowingly believed to be your true self.

Physical symptoms can manifest as frequent urination, vertigo, night sweats, dry mouth, poor short term memory, lower back pain, knee pain, premature grey hair, hair loss and lowered libido.

The Kidneys are responsible for regulating the water in our bodies, our bones, teeth, hearing and hair on our he

ad. The taste that correlates to the Kidney is salty, so incorporate foods like seaweed, miso, seafood (sustainable), beans, walnuts, sesame seeds, sardines, and organic bone broth if you have salt cravings.

Great ways to release fear are relaxing, moderation, acupuncture, acupressure, breath work, connecting with nature, gratitude lists, meditation, Qigong, reflexology, and positive mantras.

A healthy diet feeds your soul, above all, eating nutrient rich foods that are broken down easily by the body helps your body to not be overcome by extreme emotions.


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