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Spirit Minds

I watch my clients arrive and listen , I listened to how they are breathing, walking, talking, I tune into the following characteristics and assess their state of spirit

Their spirit minds - they branch off from the central spirit the soul which is stored in your heart.

Shen - Heart beholds

Pon - Lungs contain

Hun - Liver Commands

Yi - Spleen grounds

Zhi - Kidneys are the keepers

Along with Qi (energy), Blood, and Essence, our Spirit or Shen is considered a vital substance in TCM as it completes the fabric of our physiological makeup and human life.

Other then being linked to religion or used to convey how “spiritual” a person is or isn’t, in this medicine, Spirit takes on a secular meaning.

Spirit is unique together with our psyche and body, Spirit is what orients us within our reality and experience in the world around us. It allows us to express ourselves in authenticity when we have an inner spark that activates the intention and imagination and the action behind the curiosity.

Its health and vitality is essential for developing relationships as well as virtues unique to the human condition (compassion ,accountability ,wisdom ,morality, courage)

It is how we show up in the world, connect with others and navigate all the experiences that life has to offer.

Our physical, mental-emotional and spiritual health mirror one another.

If there is a spirit disharmony it will normally be paired with physical symptoms, clients will share their behaviours and deeply stored emotions, the mental chatter, they know that is holding them back from the things they want in life- or the way they want to feel.

Sometimes the disharmonies feel like you are not in your body anymore, off , stuck, lost, disconnected, these are just a few.

So while we are on the mat we are cultivating clear and intact spirit minds, helping the QI (energy) make itself known through the emotional states as well as our physical.

Are they expressing the body’s natural healing process and adopting the virtues of wisdom, justice , loyalty/faithfulness and human kindness or are they consumed by fear, anger ,reactivity/impulsiveness, complacency or disconnectedness.

Nourish the blockages and clear the stagnation so you can express the most vibrant and connected version of yourself.


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