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Blood, Qi and the Moon

When the moon begins to show a crescent 🌙 blood and qi circulate smoothly and defensive qi strengthens . When the moon is FULL, blood and qi are super abundant and the muscles are strongest.

When the moon wanes , the muscles become weak, the channels and collaterals (qi and blood) are at there weakest; the defense qi is deficient although the physical body shows no change . That is why blood and qi can be regulated with cyclical variation - Yellow Emperors Inner Canon

So traditionally , the Chinese (TCM) believe that a waxing moon correlates with changes in the environment and the human body.

The development of energy and blood also mimic the moon growing more and more full and active .

Once the moon is completely full energy and blood nourishment reach levels that are optimal for each individual .

So with TCM (traditional Chinese medicine ) all emotions whether active or calm are contingent on the quality and quantity of energy and blood as well as there harmony in the body .

This may help you understand the inevitable changes in the body on a monthly bases. The emotional cycles can be 28 to 30 days long .

Change happens every day , noticing it and understanding it will help irregular or excessive emotional changes .


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