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5 Elements and Self Expression

How connected is your body to the elements ?

Self expression ... Are you the Pioneer, Philosopher, Peacemaker, Alchemist or Wizard ?

Are you in ‘natural flow'

As we explore through our seasons both external and internal , we play with how the organs, structures and systems are connected.

The pioneers - (Wood element) the bold, adventurous spirit breaking new ground , facing challenges and conquering the unknown.

WOOD - (In Balance)

- Clear Vision and Goals

- Great planners and decision makers

WOOD (Out of Balance)

- Indecisiveness - Always Doing - PMS - symptoms

- More reactive - sore joints

The Wizard (Fire element) magnetic and exciting , inspiring faith that dreams can be realised and desires fulfilled

FIRE - (In Balance)

- Intuitive

- Social

- Energetic - Passionate

FIRE - (Out of Balance)

- Insomnia

- Anxiety

- circulation

The Peacemaker (Earth element) stable , centered, relaxed , the mediator always being of service of harmony and unity

EARTH - (In Balance)

- Compassionate and nurturing - Peacemakers

EARTH - (Out of Balance)

- Worry about everything / overthink - Feel lethargic - lack of clarity - Bloating , gas

The Alchemist (Metal element) that observes, studies and analyses extracting fundamental laws and principals in service of our universal order .

METAL - (In Balance )

- Organised

- Structure

- Loves rules and precision

METAL - (Out of Balance )

- Can feel isolated, depressed and alienated

- Reluctant to speak - Overly Critical - Grief

The Philosopher (Water element) who seeks truth and explores hidden mysteries through your own imagination.

WATER - (In Balance)

- Strong Willpower

- Determination

- Creative

WATER - (Out of Balance)

- Tendency to be Fearful

- Cold Extremities - Low libido

- Menopausal symptoms

We play with deficiencies and excess - everybody and everyone has these ... it is the natural rhythms of body

It is up to us to sustain our OWN harmonious health as we move through the elements.

In what context do we flourish?

In the goals we set ,the risks we take ,what we manifest ,the expectations we have.

Sharpen our awareness and strengthening our commitment.

In the direction of who we are - BE CLEAR

Can you give without receiving and receive without giving?

This goes with all connections of your heart

Have you clear, conscious momentum?

You can see it in your minds eye and feel it in your heart.


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