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Metal Element

The most abstract power in life - METAL ELEMENT- it rules feelings at both physical and emotional levels. It directs our breath and it is the surface tension between the different levels of existence and consciousness.

Metal is the membrane , inner bridge between wakefulness and dream , rational thinking and abstraction, literature and music 🎶, life and death.

Breathing - from an alchemical perspective and seen through the eyes of Taoist ancestors is the function of the metal element .

Breathing the ability to “let go” and to cut through the air and only take oxygen - life giving oxygen that is transported by the iron molecules into our red blood cells, energising our whole metabolism.

Metal cuts through our life experiences and allows us to absorb only what we can digest.

Metal resides in our soul .

Metal element energies- let yourself breath again.

One of the organs related to the metal element is the LUNGS so your out breath will get rid of residual stagnant air - on your “ in” breath gentle and without hurry or force.

METAL - I FEEL- therefore I AM

Autumn 🍂 the time of withering and decay. Fallen leaves decompose returning to the soil. Expired blossoms and fallen fruit fertilise the soul for next years growth.

It’s a time for eliminating what is unnecessary and storing up what is needed for winter ❄️ We are refining our qi and sending it downward to nourish our roots - our pure essence.

When you let go of something in your life, whether it is an old belief, someone , emotion, country , way of life .

You make space to welcome new people , opportunities, love , growth , compassion and your real soul essence into all areas of your life.

Letting go is an important and sometimes the most difficult thing to do , however the most needed to move forward .


Our METAL element for us to get in touch with not only ourselves but with others - to communicate to feel , the power for honesty , the power of sensitively that controls our emotions.

The ability to know them and feel them.

When our METAL qi - is in abundance we get in touch with ourselves and others , we start to be true to our feelings and the courage to own them.


THIS is the power of HONESTY

We forget ourselves to remember ourselves

Metal is the surface tension between the elements such as water and air , and manifests inside our bodies through our system of skin and fascia - the connective tissue that wraps around all the different organs, muscles ,and muscle fibres down to a cellular level. The meridian system flowing through this system carrying our vital qi to every cell, every tissue , every organ.

In traditional Chinese medicine - METAL power resides in the lungs (yin) and is then directed by the large intestine (yang) the organ of elimination.

Therefore the the ability to breath and to eliminate.

Our ability to differentiate what we need and what we don’t

Your desire to change must be greater then the desire to stay the same “

Can we be courageous enough to move on ?

The METAL element - I FEEL...before we accept we have to sit with/in it however it presents itself physically /internally and really feel it

Just stop and really feel - are you covering it with your “busy”ness

Feel what arises without labelling it.

The non-attachment to labels and roles gives us permission to ask what else is possible?

Are you able to let go of things that you have outgrown and do not align with any more?

Let go of preconceived ideas of self and of pleasing others its time to look at your own values.

It can be challenging when out of balance for the METAL element the self reliant type that handle problems on their own , reluctant to speak and reach out for help , all while learning how to express in grief and find healing through accepting change and gracefully releasing the past.

This is a journey through the elements


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